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All Our Treatment Prices

Womens Laser Hair Removal

TreatmentSingle Price3 Pack6 Pack
Full Face (Neck Optional)$50$40$35
Nipples OR Snail$20$15$10
Fingers OR Toes$19$15$9
Bikini Line$39$29$19
Extended Bikini$49$39$29
Half Arms (Lower)$89$79$59
Three Quarter Arms$109$89$69
Full Arms$129$119$99
Half Legs$139$129$119
Half Legs (below knees)$99
Top Half Legs$139$129$119
Three Quarter Legs$169$159$149
Full Legs$169$159$149
Full Chest & Stomach$119$109$99
Full Back$129$119$109

Mens Laser Hair Removal

TreatmentSingle Price3 Pack6 Pack
Cheeks & Neck$50$40$35
Full Beard & Neck$80$70$50
Ears & Nostrils$25$20$15
Front Neck$50$40$35
Back Neck$50$40$35
Half Back$99$89$79
Full Back$149$139$129
Chest (No Stomach)$99$89$79
Full Chest & Small Stomach$129$119$109
Full Chest & Stomach$149$139$129
Half Arms (Lower)$129$119$99
Three Quarter Arms$139$129$119
Full Arms$159$149$139
Half Legs (Lower)$179$169$159
Three Quarter Legs$239$229$219
Full Legs$279$269$259

Womens Packages

TreatmentSingle Price3 Pack6 Pack
Bikini Line & Underarms$49$39$29
Extended Bikini & Underarms$59$49$39
Brazilian & Underarms (Free Snail)$69$59$49
1/2 Legs + Brazilian & Underarms$169$159$149
1/2 Arms + Brazilian & Underarms$129$119$109
Full Leg + Brazilian & Underarms$209$199$189

Mens Packages

TreatmentSingle Price3 Pack6 Pack
Front & Back Neck$89$79$69
Full Chest & Stomach + 1/2 Arms$249$239$229
Full Back & 1/2 Arms$249$239$229
Full Chest + Full Back$249$239$229

Pigmentation Removal

Full Face Pigmentation Removal$250
Half Face Pigmentation Removal$125
Spot Treatment$50-$80
Back of Hands$100
Decolletage and Neck$300
Other body parts would require a customised quotation.

Teeth Whitening

TreatmentPriceSeries of 3
Teeth Whitening$249$219

Skin Therapy

TreatmentTimeSingle PricePackage of 4Package of 8
ASAP Reveal Peel 45 min$99
Glycolic Peel 45 min$80
Pomegranate Enzyme Peel 45 min$80
Pumpkin Enzyme & Fruit Acid Peel 45 min$80
Oxygenating Enzyme Peel 45 min$99
Bio-white Peptide Pee 45 min$129
Catalyst Retinol Peel 45 min$129
Alpha-Beta Peel 40 min$129
Microdermabrasion Facial 45 min$80
Healite FacialAdd on to any facial $55 45 min$120$430$790
INFUSE EXOMIDE with a Skin Needling session4 treatments required monthly for full results$499
INFUSE EXOMIDE into the Scalp for Hair Growth4 treatments required fortnightly for best results$499
Standard Cosmelan TreatmentCosmelan Treatment
7 Full sized products
Advanced Protocol Cosmelan – For a more enhanced resultIncludes 7 Full sized products
1 x Pomegranite Enzyme Facial
1 x Salicylic Facial
Cosmelan Treatment
Ultimate Renewal and HydrationIncludes 7 Full sized products
1 x Pomegranite Enzyme Facial
1 x Salicylic Facial
Cosmelan Treatment
2 x Hydrating Facial including Healite for faster healing

O-Biome Oxygen Therapy Facials

TreatmentTimeSingle Price
Collagen Booster 75 min$229
Lift & Firm 75 min$229
Bright Skin 90 min$229
Clear Skin 90 min$229

Skin Rejuvenation Packages

Anti-Ageing95 Days Transformation
x3 Derma Pen
x3 Heal Lite
x3 Micro
Congestion (acne not severe)75 Days Transformation
x3 Derma Pen + Skin Gym
x3 Glycolic Peels
x3 Heal Lite
Acne (severe)75 Days Transformation
x4 Glycolic Peels
x2 Reveal Peels
x8 Heal Lite
Brightening95 Days Transformation
x2 Oxygenating Peels
x1 Bio White Peel
x3 Skin Gyms
x8 Heal Lite
Youthful Packx1 Bio-White with Eye Infusion
x1 Micro + Pomegranate Facial
x1 Micro + Face infusion
x1 Oxygenating + Healite Facial
x1 Reveal and Face Ampoules
x1 Medik8 Rewind + Eye Reveal Facial
* All facials include a more luxurious massage component and are 60-75mins long

Fat Reduction

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing

Single Treatment$399
Series of 2$699
Series of 3$960
Series of 4$1190
Chin Sculpting$299

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation

60mins (complimentary Shockwave treatment to accelerate results valued at $50)$189
6 pack$950
8 pack$1300

RF Fat Melting / Skin Tightening

60mins (complimentary Shockwave treatment to accelerate results valued at $50)$189
6 pack$950
8 pack$1300


TreatmentTimePrice per tx
Pelvic Floor StrengtheningBuy 6 receive 10% off
Buy 8 receive 15% off
Buy 10 receive 20% off
30 min$250
Abdomen – 1 or 2 Heads 30 min$220
Arms – 2 Heads 30 min$220
Thighs – 2 Heads 30 min$220
Hamstrings – 2 Heads 30 min$220
Buttocks 30 min$220
3 or 4 Heads at once 30 min$350
Buy 6 receive 10% off
Buy 10 receive 20% off

Vascular Treatments

TreatmentSingle Treatments
3.5 cm2$70
5 cm2$140
6.5 cm2$210
8 cm2$280
10 cm2$380

Plasma Fibroblast

Upper Eyelids$800
Tear Troughs / Under Eyes$800
Brow Lift$800
Crows Feet$400
Upper Lip$450
Lower Lip$450
Forehead Lines$600
Neck Bands$1300
Neck Wrinkles$1400
Body A5 Size (Stretchmarks/Skin Tightening)$1400
Body A6 Size (belly Button Lift)$800
Skin Tags / Small Blood VesselsFrom $50 (multiples will need custom pricing $200-$600)
Customised prices can be arranged for random sizes based on a thorough consultation.


Full Face (Lower Half + Eye Area)$2000
Full Face + Jowls$2200
Lower Half Face + Jowls$1900
Neck Area (inc. Jowls)$1500
Eye Area$500