iRESTORE Professional Bundle Pack (Today Extra)


Our newest iRestore Professional model enhanced with extended scalp coverage for thinning temples, sides, and lower crown.

Bundled with a rechargeable battery pack which allows you to conveniently power up and get freedom of movement while regrowing your hair.

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Our most advanced, FDA-cleared system to fight hair loss and thinning. Equipped with an astounding 282 lasers and LEDs, the Professional delivers more power and light energy to the scalp. Expect to see visible results and fuller hair in just 3 to 6 months. Try it with the kit to experience the ultimate hair restoration system.


Meet the most advanced, home-use laser device

You asked, and we delivered. The iRestore Pro’s revolutionary design provides extended coverage to reach the sides and back of your scalp in order to treat the hairline, temples, and lower crown.

It’s hard to imagine an easier, safer, and more comfortable way to regrow hair while watching your favorite sports or catching up on Netflix.


How does low-level light therapy work?

It’s simple. It’s just like watering plants. Your hair is either in the process of growing, resting, or falling out. The light energy acts like water and nutrients that are absorbed by your hair follicles to keep your hair in the growing phase.

The result? Dormant hairs are reactivated to reverse the thinning process, and you end up with a thicker, fuller head of hair.


Over 43% increase in hair growth from our study

Led by a board-certified laser surgeon and dermatologist, Dr. Adam Bodian, a double-blind clinical study was conducted to test the effectiveness of the iRestore for treating alopecia (hair loss). The study showed impressive results that shocked even our researchers. Watch the video to learn more.


Bundled with rechargeable battery pack

We get it. You’re busy. No one wants to be stuck in one place and forced to put their lives on pause. This accessory allows you to conveniently power up and get freedom of movement while regrowing your hair.